Geotechnical Engineering :

Geotechnical Investigations allow us to obtain information about the physical properties of soil and rock around a site to design a solid and sound foundation that will properly support proposed structure.

Geotechnical investigation includes surface exploration and subsurface exploration of the site.

Surface exploration includes geologic mapping, geophysical methods, and photogrammetry, or our geotechnical professional walking around on the site to observe the physical conditions at the site.

Subsurface exploration utilizes soil samples taken inside the proposed footprint. Boring depths are approximately 20 feet below ground surface. Sample collection and field tests are performed in general accordance with ASTM procedures or other accepted methods.

Dynamic Engineering Consultants provides geotechnical services for a multitude of projects both in support of our internal structural & civil engineering projects, and external consultants services.

Specific civil engineering services provided by Dynamic Engineering Consultants include the following: